ITM Acting Studio Guest Speakers

Thom Barry ( Actor / Producer).

Billy DaMota  (Casting Director).

Denzel Whitaker ( Actor ) feature films: Black Panther, Training Day, The Great Debaters, Warrior, My Soul To Take, Abduction, Submerged.

Joseph Julian Soria ( Actor ) feature films: MAX, Camp X-Ray, Crank 2, Fast & Furious (Filliy Brown), Hamlet 2, Series Regular: Army Wives.

Mark E. Swinton (Director / Producer)

Nick Parada (Director) Feature Film ” BRO “.

Sarah Thompson (Actress) Seventh Heaven Television Show .

Judy Belshe (Casting Director)

Twinkie Byrd (Casting Director)
From movie “Notorious”

Steven C. Miller (Director)

Jackie Guerra ( Actress / Feature Film “Selena” )

Max C. Kasch ( Actor ) feature films Holes, Red Eye, Longest Yard Ever Played, Waiting