ITM Acting Studio FAQ's

How long has ITM Studio been in business?

ITM Studio has been in business for over 23 years and 19 years at current location.

Are the classes ongoing?
Yes they are ongoing classes that are paid for on a month to month basis.
Do you have to have experience to sign up for classes?
No, the classes consist of actors that are new to acting as well as working professional actors making thier rounds auditioning. Some students come just for fun or to perform in our plays, monologue showcases, and our own filming projects. Others are pursuing acting at a professional level.
Are the classes taught by a professional?

Yes. The classes are taught by a professional working in the entertainment industry.

Why are the classes so inexpensive compared to other places?

Yes, the classes are inexpensive compared to classes taught in Los Angeles were the price can range from $175.00 to $275.00
a month. The owner was a actor and understands the importance and need to train and work on the craft.

ITM Studio was created to give aspiring actors a place to train, perform, and network without having to invest a large amount of money.

If I want to pursue acting at a professional level can ITM Studio help me?

Yes they can help you by providing you with thier industry contacts.

Do I have to live in Los Angeles or take acting classes in Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally?

No, you do not. Many of our actors live in the Inland Empire and train at ITM Studio. They do have to go out to LA for thier auditions. Most of the acting roles they book are filmed in the LA area.

Do I have to have a certain look or be a certain age to pursue acting professionally?

No you do not. The industry has changed a lot.

What is taught in the class?

Some acting studios specialize in only one area of acting. ITM Studio teaches you everything you need to know in order to become a better performer and book roles. Which consist of character developing. How to become that character that may be so different then who you are.

How to tap into different types of emotions that a certain role may call for. The do’s and dont’s of auditioning for television, film, and commercials. How to get talent agency representation and keep it. Improvisation acting which is required a lot on auditions.

ITM Studio class also teaches you how to audition and perform in front of the camera. Some classes are taught performing in front of a professional camera setting and some classes are taught without. They are both very important to know and you will be required to do both.

The business and how to interview and audition for agency representation. Acting resume and photo advice. What to do and what not to do. How to keep your ego out of the performance and just enjoy acting.

Monologue and live performance showcase. ITM Studio also puts on plays and monologue showcase in which you perform in front of a live audience. It is something that you are not required to do but, we do encourage you to participate. Sometimes the performances are done for casting directors or directors.

How is the class?

You will learn the different types of acting methods and find out what works for you. It is a very pleasant, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere. The acting instructor teams you up to read with different types of actors. We do not tolerate rude or disruptive behavior of any kind toward staff or fellow students. All students are required to work together in a friendly and supportive way. Any violation of our studio rules will result in immediate termination from our acting program.